Hello everyone and welcome Supplements Of Health. The purpose behind me creating this website is to allow individuals the opportunity to research many types of supplements with the convenience of detailed descriptions, cost, checkout, and delivery.


A list of medical conditions are a part of my family’s history and have considerably limited the physical capability of many of them. From diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, to even cancer has plagued the ones I hold most dear to me and I am starting to believe it is a generational curse. Growing up I used to watch as my grandmother would what seems like every waking moment, take several pills of different shapes and sizes along with needle injections just to achieve a very small degree of relief. I did not give it much thought and so just accepted it as a normal way of life. It was the day she passed during my late teens that reality hit me like a freight train and noticed that my aunts, uncles, and mother were following the same exact path as my grandmother, whom was only in her mid sixties. My large family began to get smaller as the years passed with members falling victim to the same physical ailments. I discovered later in life these could have not only been treated, but even avoided in the first place with proper diet, exercise, and naturally manufactured supplements to maintain the body’s peak performance as age sets in.


I truly believe our bodies have the potential of lasting much longer and at a level equivalent to that of our youth. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to live our lives without the burden of chronic ailments or disease taking over. For this reason is why I promote Supplements Of Health as a way of helping people naturally maintain or in some cases improve their level of livelihood. By helping just a few people realize just how important a healthy body can bring about a healthy outlook on life, then maybe just maybe their healthy outlook will influence and inspire others to do the same. The supplements offered via my site are all natural and are intended to assist and maintain what the body already possesses. Don’t get me wrong, proper diet and exercise are always priority one for a healthier you, however over time we start to dwindle in some areas of cellular production and could use assistance in those areas to maintain.


The goal of my website is to help people maintain or in some cases regain a healthy version of themselves. I miss the members of my family who were taking away too early and would not which that on anyone, however I know the same has probably already happened to many who are reading this. That is why I am an advocate for healthy living and hoping through this type of lifestyle disease and premature death will be a thing of the past. If at any point you may have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them. All the best, Brooks Supplements Of Health.

As of recent I have taken on another venture in the form of environmentally friendly products for everyday household and personal cleaning. I thought about it awhile and then it dawned on me, if one is going to do everything to maintain inner health through the use of supplements, then in order to maintain outer health, green, clean, and eco-friendly products is a must. I have decided to become a consultant for Norwex in order to educate people about the importance of maintaining a clean household through the use of products which only require the use of water.

  1. Hi Brooks, I almost didn’t reach out to you but then I decided to anyways.. I just can really relate to your belief in the power of supplementing the body to maintain it’s peak performance. I know I have definitely been challenged with maintaining peak performance in my health and aging as a woman and it has really made me stop and think about what changes I need to make. I feel like we definitely have the same mindset when it comes to the power of supplementation!… Just curious if you have wondered if there is anything more you can do to help people regain a healthier version of themselves?

    • Hello Jess,

      Thank you for responding and I am blown away by the fact you truly get where I’m coming from. Some may think it’s science fiction, but it is science fact. Our bodies have the capability to endure long into our advanced years by simply maintaining a state of healthiness. There is no reason to be plagued by numerous ailments if you keep in mind, these are the only bodies we have. To answer your question, meditation has countless physical benefits. The mind is a powerful asset, because it controls all of the body’s functions. I’m grateful for your comment, you are ageless!


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