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Many women are daunted even by just the thought of aging. This pushes them to go to great lengths just to hold on to those last strands of youth. But what most women don’t know is that you can go through aging gracefully. The key to this is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping a good watch on what you take in.
Skin supplements are a common fixture in our medicine cabinets and beauty arsenals. Women are starting to recognize that beauty can start from working within. And this means that healthy cells eventually lead to better and more recognizable results outwardly.
The perfect skin supplement for women should give you a wide range of nutrients which helps you attain a better complexion, a radiant and smoother skin. Let’s go over some of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs) that can help you look beautiful even as you age.
Vitamin A – It is said that vitamin A is loved by most women because it was known to improve the skin’s overall condition and slows the aging process. It helps reduce fine lines and age spots, and it also improves skin condition and protects it from acne or psoriasis. Vitamin A is also important in the formation of new cells which keeps the skin smooth and supple.
Vitamin E – When you look at most moisturizing creams, lotions and any other beauty products vitamin E is always incorporated in the ingredients. It is known to be the skin vitamin because its components work mainly to give you a more healthy skin. It has free radicals that protects the skin from premature aging and lighten dark spots. It also repairs skin tissue and prevents wrinkles while also protecting the skin from UV rays.
Vitamin C – It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps boost your immune system, and aids in the faster repair and healing of damaged skin cells. It helps your body absorb iron which is also essential for a woman’s health. And it also works in conjunction with vitamin E to boost the anti-oxidant effect. In general vitamin C helps moisturizes, softens, cleans and helps your skin maintain a healthy glow.
Vitamin D – It enhances the absorption of vitamin a and c and other important elements. It is also an antioxidant and it also helps in fighting skin problems such as psoriasis. Vitamin d is also important for healthy and strong teeth, bones and nails as it improves the absorption of calcium. A good natural source for this vitamin is a healthy dose of sunlight exposure.
Vitamin K – This vitamin is mainly known for its use in the normal coagulation of blood, but it also acts to improve your skin. It promotes healing and prevents skin discoloration, erases imperfections, and improves the healing of scars.
Vitamin B Complex – The roster of B vitamins include Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. It helps skin health in that it ensures the healthy growth and production of skin, hair and nails. When these become deficient in the system, you’d end up with wrinkles, dry skin, acne, falling hair, and weak nails.
Calcium – Calcium is widely known for its vital role to keep health bones and teeth, but it also helps in regulating skin growth and regeneration. It works mainly on the epidermis to produce sebum, which acts as a natural skin coating to help maintain moisture. It helps remove dead skin cells my producing new ones which makes you look healthier and more radiant.
Selenium – This mineral which is often found in foods like corn, wheat, and brown rice has antioxidant effects which spur benefits such as anti-aging and better skin health. It also helps in fighting skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and even helps fight dandruff.
Other Elements
L-Glutathione – Composed of three elements Glutathion, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C, L-Glutathione helps in promoting skin whitening, anti-aging and detoxifying effects. Glutathione, which is the main ingredient acts as a master antioxidant that helps protect the body from harmful substances in the environment. It makes you look younger with fairer, smoother and radiant skin.
L-Methionine – This amino acid that is an important component in protein. It promotes better skin tone, elasticity and healthier skin and bones.
Herbal Extracts
Chaste Berry – Extracts of this plant help combat free radicals cleaning your body from the inside, which then reflects on the outside. Chaste berry aids in preventing acne breakouts brought by the menstrual cycle. Wild Yams – The extracts of this plant is widely used in cosmetic creams because its androgenic-like function helps heal and maintain sun-damaged and aging skin. It also acts as a good moisturizer and it helps treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
These are just a few of the nutrients that you can nourish your body with. Find a good multivitamin supplement that can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Your make-up can only go as far as the next retouch, but when you nourish your body well you will just naturally radiate beauty and health.

  1. What a great article! As an aging woman, I am looking for ways to regain my youthful look. My mind has always gone to creams and scrubs and things like that. I will now look for new ways through supplements and better nutrition. Thanks

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