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By now there’s little doubt that you’ve heard all about the “green” movement. Being eco-friendly is finally main stream and it’s easier than ever to make environmentally-friendly choices. Of course, with popularity has also come a lot of green washing by companies that want to convince you to buy “eco-friendly” products that you don’t really need. So, how do you know when you should go green and when it’s OK to use traditional products? Here’s a hint, when it comes to your health and safety, go green! This means household cleaning is definitely an important place to pay attention to the choices that you make and switch to eco-products whenever possible. Green cleaning supplies are cleaning agents that are safe to use because it is environment friendly. As most of the conventional cleaning materials are petroleum-based, they pose harmful effect to the environment and are health hazards as well. But with eco-friendly products, you will never have to worry about such things. These products are made with all natural ingredients, such as hydrocarbons, which when fermented become very good cleaning agents. It also avoids the use of substances with strong chemicals or toxic ingredients. They are organic and biodegradable and don’t off-gass or release the harmful compounds that are known to irritate the lungs and cause breathing problems and indoor pollution. Why Should You Switch to Using Green Cleaning Supplies? Making the switch to green cleaning supplies is a good idea for your home and family for many reasons:
  1. Eco-friendly cleaning products are found to be safe especially for children because they do not contain the undesirable chemicals that may cause allergies, rashes and other unpleasant skin conditions. This is because it’s those abrasive chemicals that usually wound or burn the skin, switch to organic and you’ll likely find that allergies naturally clear up.
  2. Other conventional cleaning products damage the surface of your furniture. It may leave white marks on wood or peel off the paint. But with green cleaning supplies, you can be sure that your appliances are protected because of the product’s gentle composition.
  3. Green cleaning supplies are inflammable and non-combustible which makes them a good match for wiping down stoves, ovens and grills or any surface which may come into contact with flames.
  4. These products are also good deodorizers. They break down odor-causing molecules and provide a thin layer of protection on the surface which prevents the bad odor from coming back. Many even have a natural scent that lingers providing long-term freshness.

So when you get ready to start your next round of household chores, consider your safety, your family’s health and the damage that using the wrong products can do to the earth. With environmentally-friendly products, you can be sure that you are 100 percent safe and protect the planet too.

  1. I love this! I have been hearing about people going green and considered it but never did much research on it. Thanks for doing the research for us! I live in what they call “Cancer Alley” so this is of particular interest to me. I don’t have any kids but have two dogs, a husband, and a mom that live with me and I don’t want to use anything that would harm myself or them. I think I am going to give this going green thing a shot. And I didn’t know that using some natural products will also leave a thin layer of protection to keep odors from coming back after they are gone. With pups, we need that. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Keisha. I thought about how much I would spend on cleaning supplies each year not knowing that they are harming my family and me. Just recently I learned about Norwex and it has changed our lives. If you want to know more just visit my other site and let me know what you think. Thanks alot!

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